“Equipping Kingdom Laborers”

Welcome to our School
Church of Praise International Christian School is a church-based Christian school. It started in 2004 April. Our school provides class for kindergarten through 9th grade. We have Japanese and American staff which create an international atmosphere. We have developed our own special curriculum to educate children. The following is our program.

① Play and casual chatting with the teacher.

Research has shown that beginning the day with play is very beneficial to a child’s learning throughout the day. It creates a mood and atmosphere for children to be engaged in the various fun activities that they will participate in during the day. This also gives them to time to speak in English in a natural way. Studies show that children learn through play. They can explore concepts independently, which creates a more concrete understanding of a language. They are relating English to their personal lives. The play is somewhat guided. This means some of the toys put out are related to the theme for the month. It also gives them opportunity to talk naturally about the topics and vocabulary being taught in that month.

② Bible Time

This is a time to learn stories from the Bible. This class is done in English. The teacher reads stories form the Bible and asks the students questions about the story. Not only do students gain vocabulary and have spontaneous conversations, they also learn valuable lessons about good character traits. The same story is explored throughout the month and matches the theme being taught for the month. Each month students memorize and recite a memory verse from the Bible. There is a corresponding song to help them remember the verse. Singing songs, dancing, and playing instruments are activities students participate in each morning during Bible Time.

③ Circle Time

With the English teacher, students sit in a circle and go over the day’s schedule. They talk about the topic of the day which is related to the monthly theme. They also discuss the question of the day. They will check the calendar, weather, days of the week and months of the year at this time.

④ Learning Centers

Students are divided into smaller groups to do various hands on activities. Normally there are three activities each day. Students take turns completing the different centers. These activities change each day. This keeps the learning process fun and exciting. It also gives students a range of experiences. They are related to the theme for the month. During this time students will study math and science concepts, as well as, phonics, reading, writing, and vocabulary in English.

⑤ Lunch

Students eat lunch in their classroom. They learn about nutrition and good hygiene habits. Students brush their teeth each day after lunch. Students can bring their lunch or purchase a school lunch.

⑥ Outdoor Play

After lunch students will walk with their teachers to a nearby park to play.

⑦ Japanese Class

We feel it is important for children living in Japan to also study Japanese. This class is 30-45 minutes of the day. Japanese songs are taught. Students also use the Kumon curriculum to learn reading and writing in Hiragana. They also study basic math concepts and counting groups. There is a story time in Japanese as well.

⑧ Closing Time

Students will clean up and prepare to go home. Any incomplete activities will be given further attention at this time. There is a general review of the days topics and vocabulary.