“Equipping Kingdom Laborers”

arrow Welcome to our School

Church of Praise International Christian School is a church-based Christian school. It started in 2004 April. Our school provides class for kindergarten through 9th grade. We have Japanese and American staff which create an international atmosphere. We have developed our own special curriculum to educate children. The following is our program.

Our Biblically based, integrated curriculum provides opportunities for children to explore concepts and absorb information by learning in ways that suit their different learning styles. Our classroom life is stimulating and satisfying. We recognize that each child has their own type of intelligence. Therefore, we offer music, art, movement, math, social studies, nature explorations, and science experiments as integral parts of the day. Our curriculum is designed to meet the ways that different children learn, and provide opportunities for all types of intelligences to succeed. Our curriculum includes Christian principles that will teach children social and moral skills for life.

Bilingual Program

Our integrated curriculum is designed to ensure that each child develops both Japanese and English languages. Through studying various themes students will engage in activities where they will speak, listen, and write in both Japanese and English. Within the school’s daily program there are specific times for only speaking Japanese or only speaking English. Our program provides native speaking Japanese teachers as well as native speaking English teachers who will instruct in their native language.

Learning Centers

Learning centers play an important role in our curriculum. Learning centers are designed to provide hands-on learning that coordinates with the theme being studied. Learning centers have many benefits. They allow children to have autonomy to explore their interests in a positive manner. Learning centers foster self-esteem, decision making abilities, individual and group learning, as well as, focusing attention for learning. Learning centers contribute to meeting individual student’s learning styles, intelligences, and interests. This form of learning is engaging and encourages children to have a positive attitude towards learning.