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School Hours



Monday to Friday

7th to 9th Grade9am to 3:30pm5 days per week


① Curriculum

In 2013 we began our Junior High program as our students desired to attend high school in America. In order to help them we added 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. Our Junior High is unique since the majority of our students will go onto study abroad from their 10th grade year. Our Junior High program is geared to help our students be prepared and transition well into our sister school in Shawnee, Ok.  Therefore the students will study grammar, literature, writing skills, spelling, vocabulary, and science in English. Our curriculum is Biblically based and uses the same textbooks as our sister school. This is to ensure that our students are familiar and confident using the American curriculum. They will also have Japanese class and Math class with Japanese teachers. Students will have physical education classes each week, but do not have any music classes. If students are interested in learning music they are able to join the Praise Band Club. Basketball, Art and IT clubs are also available. 

② Junior High School Graduates

Our Junior High School is mainly engaged in learning content aimed at helping our students to advance into our sister school  

Family of Faith Christian School (https://fofcs.com/) in Oklahoma, USA. Please check the link to our sister school for more information about their High School program.


Until now, Elementary and Junior High School graduates have been enrolled in the following high schools and universities in addition to the sister school Family of Faith Christian School.


・High School

Baika High School (Japan)
Kansai International Academy (Japan)

Kyoto International University Academy (Japan)
Osaka Jogakuin Junior High and High School (Japan)
Kansai Christian School (Japan)
Cornerstone Christian School (Texas, USA)
Carson Graham Secondary School (British Columbia, Canada)



Oral Roberts University (Oklahoma, USA)
University of California, Santa Cruz (California, USA)
University of California, Davis (California, USA)
University at Albany (New York, USA)
Texas Christian University
 (Texas, USA)
Missouri Univeristy of Science & Technology (Missouri, USA)
Moody Bible Institute (Illinois, USA)
Wheaton College (Illinois, USA)
Griffith University (Australia)
Technion International (Israel)
International Christian University (Japan)

Doushisha University (Japan)
Osaka City University (Japan)
Ritsumeikan University (Japan)
Kwansei Gakuin University (Japan)
United Word Colleges ISAK Japan (Japan)
College of Industrial Technology (Japan)


Each club is held once a week. The students can choose their favorite club to join. Please check out our clubs below to see which ones you are interested in.

5th to 9th grade students can join this club. In Praise Band Club you can learn to play various instruments, vocal skills, and participate in an ensemble. This club gives presentations a few times a year.

5th to 9th grade students can join this club. We practice, drill, and play games at the gymnasium near our school. Training camps are also held during long vacations.

This club is only available to 6th to 9th grade students. In the IT Club, students work on various projects such as typing proficiency, coding, word processing, drawing, website development to name a few.

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