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Welcome to our Online School !!

Church of Praise International Christian School

Church of Praise International Christian School is a church-based bilingual Christian school. We welcome all students from different nations and backgrounds.  Our school started in April, 2004. Our school provides classes for kindergarten through 9th grade. We have a Japanese and an American staff who create an international atmosphere. We use a combination of American curriculum, Japanese public school curriculum, and our own specially designed curriculum.

Online School


Student Requirements

• Students need to attend and participate in the online classes. Students may only be absent for 10 days within a term.
• Any missed tests need to be made up as soon as possible
• All homework and daily work should be completed in order to pass.

Parent Requirements

• A parent or adult will need to assist with helping their child on the computer, especially at the beginning of the year.
• A parent or adult will need to act as a proctor when their child needs to take a test.

Online School Supplies

• COPICS Online School will provide textbooks and send them to your home.
• Parents will need to provide:
– a computer with a webcam or at least a tablet with an external keyboard;
– internet connection with unlimited data (one hour of class can use up to 1.7 GB/hour of data);
– a printer;
– digital camera, smartphone with camera, or scanner to submit a picture of the homework and tests;
– headphones;

Frequently Asked Questions

Elementary (Online School)

Annual Registration Fee

110,000 yen/year (tax included)

Annual Fee

792,000 yen (66,000 yen/month-tax included)

Yearly Schedule


Office hours

9 am to 5 pm

(Except for Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)





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