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Creative Fun Day With Hydro-dipping!


At the end of the first term the students worked hard studying for all their tests and were able to complete test week.  As a reward I wanted to have some creative fun with our sixth through ninth grade students.  We headed to the parking lot since we would be using different spray paints for this project.  And under the tent we attempted to use the hydro-dipping technique with block letters and cloth bags.  

We donned stylish trash bags to protect our school uniforms.  Gloves were provided, however, some chose to use their bare hands (later they would regret this). We divided into two groups with one group painting letters and the other painting the bookbags.   After selecting the perfect combination of colors the students cautiously began spraying the water with vibrant splashes of color.  

The first brave souls submerged their objects and watched the paint create beautiful marbled effects.  Those who waited were able to gain some useful tips as they studied the successes and failures of their classmates.  Taking turns, finally everyone created both a colorful letter (the first letter of their name) and a book bag.  Now everything was left in the sun to dry before the end of the school day.  

In the meantime we had some yummy refreshments.  Most students made “kakigori”  and snacked on some popcorn.  We were thankful to have finished with our lessons.  We could relax for a bit together and laugh as we attempted to make beautiful art.  Some projects turned out quite lovely while others, we will say, became part of the learning process. 

Jaycie Lawrence

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