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Mother’s Day and First and Second Grade Bible


This year Mother’s Day came quickly. After we had just finished our Golden Week holiday, Mother’s Day came that weekend. We started class that day by asking what things our mothers do for us. The class thought of things like, makes our lunch, washes clothes, makes dinner, cleans the house, and takes care of us. The students eyes grew wide as they realized all the things moms have to do. Then we asked who was Jesus’ mother? Mary. Then we learned a story about what Jesus’ mom did and how he obeyed his mom even when he was older. It was the story of Jesus’ first miracle, turning the water into wine. I explained how his mother noticed the problem at the wedding and told Jesus to help them. It was his mother who had faith for the miracle even though he had not started his ministry yet. Jesus obeyed his mother and performed his first miracle at this wedding. Then we did a craft for our moms. The students made cards and colored flowers. Telling their moms thank you for all they do. The students were excited to give their presents to their moms for Mother’s Day! 

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