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Slime Fun


This week we had a great time creating slime.  The fourth and fifth grade students followed a recipe and each created their own slime.  Once their creation was complete they personalized each slime.  Each student selected the color for their slime.  Some students added glitter, plastic jewels, colorful styrofoam, and beads.  Other has fruit or flower pieces.  There were so many choices.  A few students decided to make their slime metallic, while others keep their slime transparent.

The sixth grade students to on the challenge of creating several different kinds of slime.  Using three different recipes they created a puffy slime, transparent slime, and a metallic slime.  They quickly discovered that they need to measure precisely in order to see the ingredients turn into slime, otherwise they would only create a mess.  Through some trial an error each student was able to master the formula and developed various types of slime.  Of course we needed to add color and lots of fun with extra bits of glitter and shapes.

It was a great time experimenting and being creative.  Every student made their very own one of a kind slimes.  Then it was time to play and admire the new creations.

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