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Shark Attack


Normally when we think of shark attacks, we think of a scary and dangerous event.  Well on these hot summer days at school a different kind of shark attack was happening.  This time it was the students attacking the great shark water slide.  The water slide was a new addition to our water play time on the veranda.  The kindergarten students enjoyed the new slide during the last week of school before summer break.  There were many squeals and laughter as students splashed around int he pool and zipped down the slide.  During the water play time students continued to cool off in the smaller pools around the veranda.  There was boat races and cooking play taking place each day.  All of the flowers and plants on the veranda appreciated the extra watering on these hot and sunny days.

On the last week of school first and second grades student were given a chance to play in the water as well.  I guess many of the boys were feeling nostalgic since they found great delight in squeezing themselves into the smaller wading pools like they used to do when they were in Kindergarten.  The girls took this opportunity to use the water guns attached to the slide and shoot water at each boy as they barreled down the slide.  After much splashing around it was time to see who could slide down the fastest.  In the end I think the students won against the shark.  They made the most of this special time.

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