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Christmas Fun


During the final week of Term Two which leads up to our school’s Christmas Program, the students were engaged in many activities.  We were able to have Christmas parties in the midst of several Christmas Program rehearsals.  We even squeezed in a movie with popcorn and mikan.  I was happy to have the opportunity to work with some of our younger, elementary students.  


I had a special time creating Christmas Art with the First and Second Grade students.  I enjoyed getting to teach the students how to make a Christmas Reindeer decoration. This craft had the students drawing, cutting, gluing, and we dared to add in some glitter.  Glitter with First and Second graders can be a bit risky.  Many times the glitter fails to find its way onto the art project, but tends to end up everywhere else instead.  Thankfully the students did a great job.  The teachers and I were looking at all the festive creations and noticed that each student’s reindeer really showcased who each of the students are.  We could almost guess which student made each of the projects without turning the design over to reveal the name.  Somehow the reindeer faces took on each student’s personality.  This observation made the creations even more special.  The reindeer faces with Christmas lights strung through their antlers became a display for parents to see before entering the hall for our annual Christmas program. 




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