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IT Club Highlights



The first year of our IT Club is coming to an end. Our time together passed so quickly! 




The typing program we are using lets the students progress at their own pace. It is interesting how each of them approached the program in an unique way. Some tried to get perfect scores in each lesson: others wanted to progress quickly through the lessons; while others preferred to work on increasing their speed. And to my surprise, some of them were practicing a lot at home.


Our Best Scores in Typing

Average Speed26 WPM
Average Accuracy99%





The students were challenged to learn coding through puzzle blocks. They had to solve different puzzles in order to progress through the lessons. Sometimes, they were frustrated, because the problem seemed too big. However, little by little they were able to overcome the obstacles and learn new concepts. 


Highlights of our Coding Course

  • Introduction to computer science
  • Designing a simple app
  • Coding their own basketball game
  • Learning how AI and machine learning can be used to make a better world


There is much more I could share, but I will stop here for now. I will share about other special projects we did on another post.

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