It’s More Fun in Summer!

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It’s More Fun in Summer!


    As the school started this year, I can see the excitement of the students in kindergarten. They are not just excited to come to school to see their friends and teachers, but also because every week they are learning about different nations.  This year’s theme for kindergarten is “Exploring Our World”. 

   They were also thrilled about the “pool time” and the “veranda” during the summer season. These words became their new vocabulary. It’s funny because during lunch time, the students who took their time to eat became the first to finish their food. That’s how excited they grew when they heard we had pool time that day. After everyone finished eating and brushed their teeth, they changed into their swimwear. Everyone was happy to show off their new swim clothes and slippers.

    The veranda is set up with different stations, so they have different items with which they can choose to play and have plenty of space for each student. There is a mini pool, and different tubs filled with water and floating toys (like rubber ducks and boats in different sizes). They can play in some sand, discover sea creatures at the fish school section, do some cooking at the mini kitchen under a big tent, play at the construction site where there are trucks and small rocks.

  Some of the students try to dance with ribbon batons. Some liked helping the teachers water the flowers.  Sometimes, they would discover some insects and little bugs on them. Of course, we take many breaks and drink plenty of water to stay safe from the summer heat.

   More fun things they liked in the summer was doing some art and crafts. They made a pineapple craft, after we discussed in class the different summer fruits, as well as their favorite fruits. We also talked about some sea creatures and a made jellyfish craft.  We would sing a song about different sea creatures, and they loved to sing “the jellyfish go wibble wobble wobble, wibble wobble wobble”. They couldn’t stop laughing! 

    But, summer recently ended and so did their “pool time”. They were very sad when they had to stop playing and splashing in the water. 


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