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Show-and-Tell with 1st and 2nd


This year the first and second graders earned a reward for speaking in English – Show-and-Tell! Our class has a marble jar and when students speak in English marbles go into the jar to fill it up and if they reach a certain level they get rewards. This marble jar reward was a Show-and-Tell time. This is where students can bring one of their favorite things from their house to show and tell the class about. It could be a toy, a device, an art project, a keychain, or anything else they want. The only rule was no live animals. (I had to specify this because one student asked to bring their pet goldfish.) 


As students brought their items to the front I could see the excitement in their eyes to show their prized possessions to the class. The class was also excited to see and learn about their friend’s favorite things. Everyone was supportive of their friends and said positive things about what others brought. Some students were nervous to speak in front of the class, and I assisted them with their item descriptions. Other students wanted to talk for a long time and some had notes written about their items. I was proud of all the students for trying to share about their items in English, since that is not their first language. It was a fun time and everyone enjoyed showing and telling about their favorite things.

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