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The Importance of Having a Smaller Class Size


Our school purposefully keeps our classroom size small.  We limit our class size to 15 students, however, it is usually closer to ten students per class.  Of course there are advantages to having a large sized school.  There can be advantages to smaller class sizes and here is a list of a few benefits.  


One of the most important aspects of being in a smaller sized class is that students are able to receive more individual attention.  As a teacher has more one to one time with a student, the teacher can form a better relationship with that student.  By developing a good student/teacher relationship, the teacher to help students gain confidence and be inspired.


Another benefit is that individual needs can be met.  Each student is unique.  Not only do personalities differ, but learning styles differ from student to student.  Some students may work at a slower pace, while others finish quickly and need to be challenged with additional lessons.  In a smaller class students cannot hide or be overlooked.  The teacher has time to see that every student gets attention.  It is also easier for teachers to detect if a student is struggling with a particular concept and help the student overcome any issues.  With a smaller class size it is much easier for a teacher to meet the students’ needs.  


Smaller classrooms help create a more cohesive class environment.  With large classes there is a tendency for cliques to form.  This may result in some students being socially left out.  In a smaller class students have the opportunity to interact with and form relationships with all their classmates.  This creates a more supportive culture.  It is also beneficial since students learn how to interact socially in proper ways with various types of people.  This can be a useful skill in the future as well.  


At COPICS we have a family style atmosphere where differing grades often interact with one another.  We encourage older students to lead by example and to show care to younger students in our school.  Thus even upper level students will play a game or chat with students from lower grades.  This happens everyday in our school.  This type of atmosphere hinders bullying and fosters a sense of camaraderie among all the students.  


Students at our school have much to accomplish on any given day.  They are learning two languages.  They are studying to speak, read, and write in both Japanese and English.  By having a smaller class size teachers are able to cover much more material in a shorter time.  Since a smaller class can be more focused, both students and the teacher can go faster when learning new material.  


Finally, there is much evidence in favor of small class sizes.  There has been a vast amount of research done on this topic.  The research shows that smaller classes create a more constructive environment and overall yield better academic results.  

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